Our commitment to the environment runs as deep as the Scottish waters from which our scallop shells are sourced.

Harvested responsibly, each shell speaks to our dedication to preserving marine ecosystems for generations to come.

Beyond sourcing, our hand-cleaning process ensures that nature’s treasures are treated with the respect and care they deserve, all while retaining their pristine, natural allure.

By choosing our shells, you’re not only investing in a piece of the ocean's beauty but also supporting sustainable practices that prioritize the health and vitality of our oceans.

Together, let’s celebrate nature's gifts and their enduring legacy.


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  • Unique

    Every item I produce is made by me, by hand. Every shell has its own unique characteristics and thanks to mother nature, no shell is the same!

  • Ethical

    My shells come from the beautiful waters of the Scottish Islands. I carefully select the cleanest examples and handmake each one with love.

  • Limited Editions

    With my focus on sustainability, I only make a very limited amount of each design. To stay upto date with what's coming up...connect with me on Instagram.