About Me!

Here in the Cotswolds I have found my canvas and calling. Every piece I design, is an extension of my passion for home elegance. 

My journey doesn't just start at the design table. I travel extensively across the UK, handpicking the finest local materials. This commitment ensures that every item isn't just crafted with love, but is also ethically sourced, embodying my dedication to sustainable luxury.

Balancing aesthetics with functionality is my ethos. The scallop shells I paint capture the essence of the coast and warm, cosy gatherings in your home.

In a world that often leans towards mass production, I pride myself on my commitment to ethically sourced packaging and my relentless pursuit of preserving both craftsmanship and our planet. Through my work, I aim to not just beautify spaces, but to also tell stories of tradition, sustainability, and unparalleled artistry.

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  • Unique

    Every item I produce is made by me, by hand. Every shell has its own unique characteristics and thanks to mother nature, no shell is the same!

  • Ethical

    My shells come from the beautiful waters of the Scottish Islands. I carefully select the cleanest examples and handmake each one with love.

  • Limited Editions

    With my focus on sustainability, I only make a very limited amount of each design. To stay upto date with what's coming up...connect with me on Instagram.